Hello, my name is Pepper! I am a 14 year old wire haired fox terrier. 26 pounds of energy, 18 inches at the shoulder. I love cats (love to catch one that is). I once caught a possum who had been lurking around my yard for weeks. It played dead and in the morning he was gone. My favorite game is Keep-away- fetch-tennis- ball-roll-me- over-rub- my-tummy. I made it up myself. My favorite toy is anything with a squeek in it. I work hard staring out the front window always on the alert for strangers. There is one guy who comes into my territory almost every day. He drives a red, white and blue truck. I growl and bark and try to look mean. It seems to do the trick! He never sticks around. Well, I hope you enjoy my site!

P.S. Here is where I meet girls!
Best if seen and heard at 800x600 high color